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About ourselves


The responsibilities of the Palace, Castle and Gardens Trust of Thuringia

Our Trust was founded in 1994 with the task to take care of the monuments entrusted to us, to restore them and open them to visitors. The basis for selecting the monuments that belong to the Trust was the dynastic connection to the former royal houses. Currently, we look after 31 of the most historically important Thuringian palaces, castles, parks and monasteries.

We draw up concepts for the utilisation of our sites and are responsible for the rehabilitation and maintenance of these objects. Another major task is to give people, especially tourists, a better understanding of the content of our historic buildings and parks. For this purpose we work together very closely with our museum partners at the individual sites. The museums themselves do not belong to the Trust; instead when the properties were signed over to the Trust the museums remained with their original responsible bodies. We also let out our rooms and open spaces for events and functions.

The seat of our administration is Heidecksburg Palace in Rudolstadt.


Schloss und Garten Molsdorf. Graf Gotters Residenz der Aufklärung

Großer Kunstführer der Stiftung Thüringer Schlösser und Gärten, Band 4

Molsdorf Palace near Erfurt is a special treasure of the mid-18th Century. more...