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The Grand Ducal Palace, Ensemble Bastille, city of Weimar


Gateway of the castle Ernestine Hornstein. By Nicol Gromann in the 16. century remodeled as a residence. Predecessor of todays palace. G.H. Krohne designed the helmet of the castle tower, behind there is the Hofdamenhaus. In future there is planed an issue of "Treasure house Thuringia", "Castle Road Thuringia" and the history of the Bastille





Schlossverwaltung Weimar
(castle administration)
Museumsverwaltung Dornburger Schlösser
Max-Krehan-Str. 2
07774 Dornburg-Camburg

T: 03 64 27/21 51 31
F: 03 64 27/21 51 34

Ensemble Bastille

in front of The Grand Ducal Palace several parking spaces, underground-multi-storey parking 500 meters away

Exhibition of picture gallery and banquet halls, changing exhibitions, guided tours by arrangement

opening hours:
1st January-28th March
Tue-Sun 9.30 a.m.-4 p.m.

29th March-24th October
Tue-Sun 9.30 a.m.-6 p.m.

25th October-31th December
Tue-Sun 9.30 a.m.-4 p.m.

admission charges:
adults 7.50 €
reduced 6,- €
students from 16 to 20 years 2,50 €
children up to 16 years free
guided tours by arrangement (E-Mail)

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