Paradise Gardens – Garden Paradises


Myths and tales of creation often depict gardens as realms of joy and bliss. The bible describes the earthly paradise as a lush and enticing garden with fruit-bearing trees and life-giving springs. These archetypical notions of paradise have left their traces in the history of horticulture. On the other hand, people have always considered gardens as individual paradises, where visions of an ideal world could come true.

This exhibition invites you to dive into the history of fascinating gardens. Enjoy the rich diversity of ideas; marvel at the skillful creativity of the designs; and be inspired by the historical life that took place in them over the centuries.

The historical parks and gardens in the care of the “Thuringian Castle and Garden Foundation” are more than just prominent witnesses of history: they are high-caliber pieces of art, havens of diversity, and precious oases for all senses. They are living cultural heritage, constantly changing with the rhythm of nature. Preserving them requires continuous professional care – and climate change is now creating additional challenges.

The “Thuringian Castle and Garden Foundation” is dedicated to tending, maintaining and developing our gardens. Complying with the standards of historical garden preservation, we make sure that visitors can experience and enjoy these unique garden paradises – today and tomorrow.